Welcome to Amuse Ground!

At Amuse Ground, clients can find and experience a fusion of old and new Korean trends to create an atmosphere that resonates nostalgic and modern-day charm for our audience's enjoyment. Founded in 2008, formally known as 'Artbox', Amuse Ground emerges as an evolution of the beloved store to capture our company's ever-growing commitment to provide entertaining and enriching experiences to those who wish to explore a taste of Contemporary Korea and its' culture in physical and digital spaces

This change reflects our company's expansion in scope and ambition as our team continues to curate unique experiences that reflect the globalization of Korean Pop Culture. By launching our very own K-Pop brand, Cupid Pop, and continuing to carry Artbox and other Korean branded products, Amuse Ground continues to bridge cultures and inspire diasporic connections through carefully curated store selections.

Amuse Ground is more than just retail. It is the embodiment of everlasting memories for clients. It marks our company's ongoing dedication and commitment to our journey in bringing joy, creativity, excitement, and accessibility to all of our clients. By captivating new and returning clients, we hope to build a stronger community rooted in cultural diversity, appreciation, creativity, and inclusivity while providing a space that promotes amusement and memorable experiences for all!

Cupid Pop | Vancouver, BC

What is Cupid Pop?

Cupid Pop is our very own K-Pop related brand launched in January 2024. Cupid Pop works to manifest an inclusive space for K-Pop fans of all ages while acknowledging the intersectional landscape of the K-Pop industry.

With the global expansion of K-Pop, our brand proactively works to stock a wide variety of K-Pop groups, expand our inventory to include both active and inactive artists to meet the needs of all of our clients. We carry up to 90% of 4th Generation K-Pop groups (New Jeans, Stray Kids, Aespa, Enhypen, IVE, Ateez, etc.) and 3rd Generation K-Pop artists (BTS, EXO, Seventeen, NCT, Twice, Blackpink, etc.), as well as a curated selection of 2nd Generation groups (SHINee, Girls Generation, Super Junior, etc.) to resonate a successful blend of nostalgic and contemporary sounds.

Cupid Pop's Mission & Services

Cupid Pop's commitment is to serve all K-Pop fans by recognizing the blend across different and gender demographics, and the multifaceted nature of artists and fans in the different generations of the K-Pop industry. By offering an extensive selection of artists and titles, fans from a variety of different groups can easily access large quantities of the latest titles of their favourite artist(s), while exploring new and emerging music and groups that are debuting or making a comeback.

Cupid Pop also promotes access exclusive benefits, like Pre-Order Benefit Photocards, Lucky Draw Photo Cards, and other special Korea-exclusive benefits to foster excitement and provide our clientele base with a unique experience of K-Pop culture. By doing so, Cupid Pop's mission is to provide for and satisfy clients who are interested in the ever-growing development and escalation of the K-Pop market in Canada and global contexts.

Artbox | Seoul, South Korea

What is Artbox?

Artbox is a Korean brand specializing in Korean Stationery and K-pop trends in Canada and worldwide. Carrying a variety of cute and trendy items, the brand of Artbox assists in identity formation and reflection - helping clients find their favourite styles in every day items!

Our Store History


Fin-tastic Beginnings: Our Story

Our New Home

There once lived a unique and ambitious shark named Boss. Boss was no ordinary shark. He had a dream, one that was as big as the vast world that surrounded him Leaving the comfort of South Korea, Boss the Shark embarks on a new journey in Vancouver, Canada. Full of curiosity and determination, Boss the Shark looks forward to the adventures ahead~


Hello Artbox!

Boss the Shark sought for a challenge calling his name. After searching far & wide, Boss finds his calling in creating a cultural bridge between Korea and Canada - and so, he opens a store called "Artbox" to achieve his goal of bringing his two homes together.


Trials & Friends

But Boss knew that he couldn't do it alone. He needed friends, allies, and, most importantly, customers who believed in his vision. So, with determination in his heart, Boss set out on a mission. Albeit the challenges, Boss worked hard day & night. He made many newfound friends & clients along the way - helping build his store's foundation. Boss soon found success through the power of loyalty & friendship, propelling his dreams. Today, he would not be where he is without them.


Together we are better

Boss's store soon became a hub for the community. People would gather there to share their love for K-Pop and learn more about Korean Culture. As the years passed, Boss's dream expanded beyond his store. His customers and friends continued to support him in his endeavors, standing by his side every step of the way. Boss had not only achieved his dream of opening a store but had also created a community that shared his passion for Korean Culture. Together, they had turned a dream into a thriving reality, contributing to Vancouver's ever-growing diversity.

Our Vision: Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Amuse Ground aims to captivate its clients by blending Asian heritage and contemporary creativity to bridge cultures and inspire diasporic connections through carefully curated store selections. Amuse Ground hopes to further connect with their customer base through shared interests. Additionally, by offering high-quality products at an affordable price in hopes of removing geographical barriers to provide equal opportunities and accessibility to Asian culture and goods.

By doing so, Amuse Ground wishes to build a stronger community rooted in cultural diversity, appreciation, creativity, and inclusivity while providing a space that promotes amusement and memorable xperiences for all customers.

What Sets Us Apart

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are the foundation and driving force for Amuse Ground; they inspire our team to continue our journey in providing enjoyable services to our audience. Thus, we strive to provide exceptional customer service from all dimensions of our company.

Customer Accessibility

We at Amuse Ground know first-hand how difficult it is to access the latest Pop Culture trends and products from Asia. Thus, our team is dedicated in creating bridges between Asia and Global Communities to remove geographical barriers so that Asian Culture and products can be enjoyed by all!

Quality & Affordability

We take pride in providing and delivering high-quality, and typically globally unavailable, products and services to our customers as part of our company's overarching mission. Additionally, by offering these high-quality products at an affordable price, we hope to provide equal opportunities to Korean culture and goods.


Amuse Ground remains a flexible company that embraces innovation and the ever-growing fluidity of Korean Pop Culture trends. Our diverse team works to stay up-to-date with local and global trends to provide the best service for our clients.